The Love Permit (2010) - by Christopher Ludgate Full Short Film

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With Love (2016) - A unique and inspirational vérité love letter doc that gives a first-hand look into NYC's historic grass-roots organization, God's Love We Deliver, which began delivering nutritious meals to a neglected community at the height of the AIDS crisis and then snowballed into a non-profit organization that improves the lives of thousands suffering from a variety of illnesses with food as medicine and the kindness of human spirit. Includes interviews and appearances from staff and volunteers sharing their take on how every day with one person, one meal at a time, kindness can save lives. Appearances by Mayor Bloomberg, Joan Rivers, & more. Directed and Narrated by Christopher Ludgate.

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The Love Permit (2010) - Naive Mr. Young is strapped to the hot seat in a controlled political environment that imposes some outrageous sanctions on people’s lives. During an encounter with an agency administrator, he finds himself increasingly on guard, becoming entangled in red tape and incriminating words. Dir. Christopher Ludgate

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"The story engages the viewer in Kafka-esque vision and mood in a clever manner...moves 
from Kafka drama to a more soci-political concept that will be of interest to many...The cinematography in the film and choice of camera angles by the filmmaker was very effective...Production was well done throughout the film.... the acting was strong. The film created the necessary intrigue to keep the viewer hooked."-Cleveland Film Festival

"The filmmaker makes the low budget and minimal locations work, not an easy thing to do. A lot of the power of the film comes from the imposing nature of the decor which locked in your mise en scene leading to a surprisingly human connection between the actors. Saylor is excellent as a character who lives... within a world of coping with moral compromising. TLP is one of the few shorts I wish was longer. Definitely a worthy film." Direction 9/10 Acting 9/10 Editing 9/10 - Michael McGonigle, Philadelphia Museum of Art Film Lecturer, QFest Juror

"...Cinema Diverse’s opening night accomplished this with perfection.The compelling stories with thorough and three-dimensional characters were brought to life, undisturbed by flawless direction, cinematography, direction and editing....Love Permit by filmmaker Christopher Ludgate presents a world gone amuck through bureaucracy
. Comparisons to Dostoevsky and Kafka come to mind." -Ann Greer, Palm Springs Life Magazine